Online Safety First: Signs of a Legitimate Casino Website

Last month, we discussed some of the online scams you should avoid. Not all gambling websites are created equal. Today, TCGOP will take you through the signs of legitimate casino websites. Here are a few signs of good gambling sites that you can use:

Suitable Licensing

In countries where online gambling may not be completely legal, they will be strictly regularized. As such they will be required to have proper licenses to operate. These licenses can be checked in proper governing body websites. There will always be a list of legitimate gambling sites.

It will be up to you to find it properly.

Good Reviews

While reviews can be manufactured, it is important to remember that if a website is faked or is a scam site, there will be a LOT of bad reviews about it. A legitimate site will have a lot of third party good reviews to it that you can find online.

Never take testimonials on the site itself as completely sincere ones. While there is a chance that they might be, it would be wiser to assume that testimonials that websites publish about themselves is self-serving and cannot be trusted.

Clear and Regulated Deposit and Payout Options

A legitimate website will never be wishy-washy about your money. They will have clear avenues for you to make your deposits and your payouts. It is a general rule of thumb to avoid sites that pay through Western Union as these cannot be wholly traced and are the favorite of scammers everywhere.

A good gambling site will have a user friendly payment system. Also, it would be good for you to test it out with a small amount first. Be wary of any website that asks you for a minimum deposit before you can play.

Easy to Reach and Professional Customer Service

Legitimate websites will take care of their clients well. This is achieved through highly professional and wholly efficient customer service operatives. If you find yourself having trouble reaching customer service, it would be important to double check if the site you are on is legitimate.

As You Can See…

There are very simple signs that you can spot to assure yourself that you are working with a legitimate gambling website. Criminals are getting smarter everyday so it is crucial that the consumers and players also up their defenses. It is critical to arm yourself with the necessary knowledge to ascertain if the sites you are own has your best interest at heart.


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