Myth Busting Time! Top 4 Myths about Casinos Debunked

Humans do like their myths don’t they? Pretty much everything has a myth attached today. Today, TCGOP will be looking into the top four myths about casinos that we have heard through the years.

Myths are usually what we call commonly held but otherwise wholly incorrect beliefs about people, places, and even things. In today’s article, we will be looking at some of the stronger myths about casinos that have made rounds in various countries the world over.

Myth: Casinos filter in special air to get patrons to stay longer

There are different variations of this myth like how casinos also do not allow clocks in order to prolong a patron’s stay. Filtering in ‘special air’ is wholly against federal rules and would violate several health codes put in place to secure a patron’s safety.

No, there is no such thing as ‘special air’ or any special trick in order to get patrons to stay more. The prolonged stay of clients is entirely up to them and if there is anything that affects that, it is the availability of massive options.

Myth: Machines have a timer to allow wins

These often referred to the slot machines. Another variant of this myth is that slot machines closer to the entrance are often shown win more as to attract more guests into the casino. If there was such a thing, more casinos would be out of business.

It is completely illegal to tamper with machines that produce unfair results for the players.

Myth: There is a magical switch that allows the house to pick winners

Again, this is completely false. This is actually a myth that is often perpetuated by movies for dramatization purposes. If there was any form of switch that once existed, it would have to be in the mob owned gambling houses that were around a lot during the earlier eras.

You have to remember that gambling was not as regulated as it is now. If there was anything that remotely resembled a switch, federal authorities would be all over that faster than ants find sugar.

Myth: Practiced roulette dealers can choose where the ball lands

Once again, this is a popular notion that has been spread around by movies and TV. There are so many factors that need to be controlled in order to make a ball land exactly where you want it to go. Also, casino employees are all required to sign ethic contracts.

If there was anyone who knew of such activities and did not report it, they would be held criminally liable along with the guilty casino.

As You Can See…

Myths do hold a sort of entertainment value, we suppose. However, if they are allowed to fester and sustain their power through the years it does not serve as any sort of boon to anyone. In fact, it can be quite detrimental for both the casinos and the potential players if such negative ideals are kept.

Which of the myths above have you heard and perpetuated? With this article, we hope that you are able to sweep away the hold of any misinformation that has held some sort of sway through the decades.



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