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Tarrant GOP Votes Unanimously to Hold Precinct Conventions

The Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Tarrant County held an emergency meeting Saturday, March 10, 2012 and voted without objection to hold precinct conventions on or about April 3rd.  The exact time, date, and locations are to be finalized but will be published at and announced to the media as soon as they are available.

 Lawsuits over redistricting lines have delayed the party primary and convention process statewide and prompted the State Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Texas to vote February 29th to remove the normal requirement for each county to hold precinct conventions.  Instead, each county party will only hold precinct conventions if the county executive committee votes to do so.  The Tarrant GOP was instrumental in convincing the RPT to preserve at least the option for each county to hold precinct conventions instead of canceling them outright as the Texas Democratic Party has done.

 “Precinct conventions are fundamental to the Republican Party’s goal of maintaining a grassroots party organized from the bottom-up,” said Tarrant GOP Chairman Jennifer Hall.  “They are the first opportunity for Republican voters to organize in their neighborhoods and elect representatives from among themselves to carry their voices forward to the State Convention.  The TCGOP’s unanimous vote Saturday shows that we understand this and we are dedicated to doing the work necessary to remain conservative and preserve precinct conventions, regardless of the unique challenges presented by this election cycle.”

 The Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Tarrant County is made up of the County Chair and all elected Republican Precinct Chairs.  Other business at Saturday’s emergency meeting included the drawing for placement order on the Republican Primary ballot and election of temporary chairmen for each of the four Tarrant County senatorial district conventions that will occur on April 21st.



Brandon Moore

2405 Gravel Drive Fort Worth, TX 76118

 Ph. 817-601-5892

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Tarrant County Republican Candidates

Filing for the 2012 Republican Primary has now closed and here is a list of your local candidates.

Candidate Filing Page

Information on Statewide Filings is now updated.  Filing Page will be available under Primary Election tab in Header.

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The Candidate Fair is This Saturday

This is the event of the primary election season!  Join us at the Candidate Fair and Straw Poll.
This is not your ordinary candidate forum…NO speeches, NO rhetoric! Grassroots pure and simple!
This is your chance to meet local & statewide candidates.
Discuss issues, and vote for your choices in the Straw Poll!


1:00pm–6:00pm  Meet YOUR Candidates
1:00pm–6:00pm  Straw Poll Voting
6:00pm–6:30pm Straw Poll Winner Ceremony
Feel free to view the Candidate Fair release in it’s entirety.
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Texas Redistricting Maps: Supreme Court Orders Released

Photo Source:

Looks like it is back to square one for Texans.

Earlier today, the Supreme Court shared their ruling saying no to the redistricting maps . You can read the order here.

Texas is still without maps for the primary elections this spring, possibly resulting in elections that will be held later than April 3rd.

What are your thoughts? How does this affect the voter morale, in your opinion? Will voters be discouraged to get out and vote in the primary?

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New Hampshire Primary 2012: Three Questions We Want You to Answer

What are your thoughts about what transpired in New Hampshire last night?

New Hampshire Primary 2012:

  • Do you feel Gingrich’s attack on Romney last night was wise or effective?
  • Are the Republican voters focused on tax cuts in the 2012 primary?
  • Which candidate has the most aggressive tax reform package?
  • Leave your insight in the comments.

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    Precinct Chair Filings

    For a complete list of Tarrant County Precinct Chair candidate filings, please follow this link:

    Precinct Chair Filings

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    Candidate Filings

    For a complete list of Tarrant County candidate filings please follow this link:

    Candidate Filings

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    Adrian Murray Files for County Chair

    Adrian Murray

    Adrian Murray


    Fort Worth businessman and grassroots conservative activist Adrian Murray announced today that he has filed as a candidate for chair of the Tarrant County Republican Party.  The office is being vacated by Stephanie Klick, who has resigned her position to seek another elective office.


    In a statement, Murray said: “2012 will be the most crucial election in America’s history.  Next year will require all hands on deck and all boots on the ground if we are to reverse the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America that is occurring before our eyes.  This is not a time for timidity or uncertainty.  It is a time for strong, determined leadership with a vision to achieve electoral victory in 2012.  I believe I possess those qualities of leadership, organization and motivation which these times require.”


    For two years Murray led the Fort Worth 912 Project which successfully worked with members of the Tarrant County GOP to fill vacant precinct chairs ahead of the 2010 primaries and which resulted in an overwhelming Republican victory in the general election that fall.


    Murray is president and owner of Painless Performance Products, a Fort Worth-based manufacturer with 55 employees.  The company produces wiring harnesses and other brand name products for the classic car, hot rod and racing industries.  He is active with the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, having served on its Executive Committee and currently serves on the board of the East Area Council, which focuses on educational and economic empowerment issues in East Fort Worth.


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    Updated Filings

    Tarrant County Republican Filings through 12/12/11

    The candidates listed below are running in district wholly contained within Tarrant County and have filed for a place on the ballot with the Tarrant County GOP.

    Candidates running statewide and in multi-county districts are required to file with the Republican Party of Texas.  Those filing can be viewed at

    Downloadable PDF of 2012 Candidates Who Have Filed- through12.12.11 SOS spreadsheet with contact information

    Congressional District 33 Bill  Lawrence
    Constable Pct 1 Richard Bo Aldridge
    Constable Pct 1 Dale Clark
    Constable Pct 1 Tommie Hathorn
    Constable Pct 2 Robert J McGinty
    Constable Pct 2 David Woodruff
    Constable Pct 3 Darrell Huffman
    Constable Pct 3 Jason L McCaffity
    Constable Pct 4 Dub Bransom
    Constable Pct 5 Dan Chisholm
    Constable Pct 6 Tim Hotchkin
    Constable Pct 6 Joseph Ortega
    Constable Pct 6 Jon Siegel
    Constable Pct 7 Clint C Burgess
    County Chair Bob McGrath
    County Chair Adrian Murray
    County Commissioner, Pct 3 Gary  Fickes
    District Judge, 153rd District Court Kevin Carey
    District Judge, 153rd District Court Susan  McCoy
    District Judge, 17th District Court Melody Wilkinson
    District Judge, 213th District Court Louis E Sturns
    District Judge, 342nd District Court Wade Birdwell
    District Judge, 348th District Court Dana Womack
    District Judge, 352nd District Court Bonnie Sudderth
    District Judge, 396th District Court George Gallagher
    District Judge, 48th District Court David Evans
    District Judge, 67th District Court Don Cosby
    District Judge, 96th District Court R H Wallace Jr
    District Judge, Criminal Court No. 2 Wayne  Salvant
    Family District Judge, 360th Judicial District Mike Sinha
    Sherriff Dee Anderson
    State Representative District 101 Dick  Elkins
    State Representative District 91 Barbara Nash
    State Representative District 91 Kenneth M Ken Sapp
    State Representative District 91 Lady Thombs
    State Representative District 92 Jonathan  Stickland
    State Representative District 94 Diane Patrick
    State Representative District 96 Mike Leyman
    State Representative District 96 Bill Zedler
    State Representative District 97 Craig Goldman
    State Representative District 97 Susan  Todd
    State Representative District 98 Giovanni Capriglione
    State Representative District 98 Vicki Truitt
    State Representative District 99 Charlie Geren
    Tax Assessor-Collector Ron Wright
    Texas Senate, District 10 Mark M.  Shelton

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    Joe Chow files for Congressional District 6

    Joe Chow, Candidate for CD 6


    Media Contact                                                                                                                                           December 7, 2011
    (972) 342-2932





    Waxahachie, TX – December 7, 2011 – Joe Chow filed his candidacy for U.S. Congressional District 6 on Wednesday.  The successful businessman and former Mayor of Addison brings to the table a record of cutting taxes, fiscal responsibility, and proven conservative leadership.

    “I have had the honor of serving the people of Addison, Texas as Mayor, and it would be a great honor for me to serve the people of Congressional District 6,” said Chow. “District 6 is in need of a new leader who will fight for conservative values and who will take integrity and fiscal discipline to Washington.”

    When asked about his reasons for running for Congress, Joe expressed a sense of urgency. “The policies of the Obama Administration have taken our nation in the wrong direction for nearly three years,” stated Chow. “Obama’s economic policies have been detrimental to economic liberty, and he has brought intrusive government into the lives of Americans on an unprecedented scale. In 2012, we must restore conservative leadership to the White House and elect dedicated conservatives to Congress who understand the proper role of government.”

    These are difficult times, and Joe knows it. “Everyone tells me the same thing: A 9.1% unemployment rate is not acceptable. A sky-rocketing debt is not acceptable. Obamacare is not acceptable. Our illegal immigration policy is not acceptable. And most people want term limits. I stand by our Constitution, our right to bear arms, our sovereignty as a nation, states’ rights, and freedom of the individual.”

    For over 25 years, Chow has been a successful small business owner.  He immigrated to the United States from Taiwan at age 23 and earned his MBA in 1980 before becoming a restaurant manager and eventually the owner of the May Dragon restaurant in 1986.

    “I know what it means to operate within a budget, and I know what it takes to make hard choices,” said Chow. “As Mayor, I cut taxes twice and led Addison through the recession with a 40% rainy day fund.”

    The recent redistricting process has dramatically altered political districts in North Texas. District 6 is now 70 percent new and contains most of Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Cockrell Hill, Mansfield, and South Irving, as well as all of Ellis and Navarro Counties. The district has lost Arlington, southern Fort Worth, as well as all of the area south of Navarro County.



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