Longtime Ron Paul backer heads GOP in Tarrant

Jennifer HallFORT WORTH — Three months ago, Jennifer Hall was one of the numerous background players in Texas Republican politics. The strong-minded stay-at-home mom from Fort Worth volunteered for campaigns and rallied for causes but was mostly comfortable away from the spotlight.But in October, her brother-in-law died. Over the last decade, David Hall had made himself a familiar sight to thousands of people. Even if they didn’t know him by name, they could recall the Liberty Bell replica he hauled around on a flatbed trailer to hundreds of soldiers’ funerals and various local events.”At his funeral, we talked about all the things he had done throughout his life and I just got to the point where I thought I should do what I can while I can,” Hall said.Within weeks, Hall was in a three-way race to be interim chairwoman of the Tarrant County Republican Party. The chairwoman at the time, Stephanie Klick, had announced she was stepping down to run for the Texas House.One Saturday last month, after three rounds of voting, local Republican precinct chairmen picked Hall, 41, as head of the largest reliably Republican county in Texas.

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2 Responses to “Longtime Ron Paul backer heads GOP in Tarrant”

  1. Salena R. says:

    Congrats Jennifer!! Nice to know of another homeschool mom in the action!! Thanks for all the hard work you do!

  2. ronnie stapleton says:

    Jennifer may be a Ron Paul supporter, but she is strictly a Republican—not a Libertarian—as is hinted at in this article.
    IF we want Conservatives to be represented by the TCGOP—then Jennifer is an excellent example. Definitely a constitutionalist and conservative!
    I have known Jennifer for a long time and she is just what is needed to take our party in a direction that does not coddle the RINOS that have been elected as “conservatives”. Many RINOS and are now in office in the Republican Party of Texas. I am talking about offfice holders and candidates—not party officials, but our Party Officials need to quit thinking only of incumbets and the money they bring to the party…they need to look at how elected officials vote on conservative issues. We need to support conservatives and withhold Republican support from RINOS—Incumbent or not!
    Ron Paul is a strict constitutionalist—not a RINO and not a Libertarian. I do not exactly go along with all his beliefs, but I do believe he is the ONLY Republican candidate that has never lied and never changed his message to get higher voter acceptance (ratings). All the others change the message to suit the audience and that means that they are all pure political animals and not true conservatives.