Tarrant County Filing Through 12/30/09


Criminal District Attorney Kirk Claunch www.kirkclaunch.com
Criminal District Attorney Joe Shannon  
District Clerk – Tarrant County Tom Wilder www.wildercampaign.com
Judge, 141st District Court John Chupp www.judgejohnchupp.com
Judge, 231st District Court Randy Catterton  
Judge, 233rd District Court Bill Harris www.judgebillharris.com
Judge, 233rd District Court Jerry Jones  
Judge, 236th District Court Tom Lowe www.judgetomlowe.com
Judge, 297th District Court Everett Young  
Judge, 322nd District Court Nancy Berger www.judgenancyberger.com
Judge, 322nd District Court Lisa Hoppes  
Judge, 323rd District Court Jean Boyd  
Judge, 324th District Court Jerry Hennigan  
Judge, 325th District Court Judith Wells  
Judge, 371st District Court Mollee Westfall www.judgemolliewestfall.com
Judge, 372nd District Court Scott Wisch  
Judge, 432nd District Court Ruben Gonzalez, Jr. www.judgegonzalez.com
Judge, County Court at Law # 1 Brent Keis  
Judge, County Court at Law # 2 Jennifer Rymell  
Judge, County Court of Law # 3 Neely Fortinberry  
Judge, County Court of Law # 3 Mike Hrabal  
Judge, County Criminal Court # 1 Sherry Hill  
Judge, County Criminal Court # 2 Mike Mitchell  
Judge, County Criminal Court # 3 Billy D. Mills  
Judge, County Criminal Court # 4 Deborah L. Nekhom  
Judge, County Criminal Court # 5 Jamie Cummings  
Judge, County Criminal Court # 6 Molly Jones  
Judge, County Criminal Court # 7 Cheril S. Hardy  
Judge, County Criminal Court # 8 Daryl R. Coffey  
Judge, County Criminal Court # 9 Brent Carr  
Judge, County Criminal Court #10 Phil Sorrells  
Judge, County Probate Court # 1 Steve M. King  
Judge, County Probate Court # 2 Pat Ferchill  
Judge, Criminal District Court # 1 Sharen Wilson  
Judge, Criminal District Court # 3 Robb Catalano www.CatalanoForJudge.com
Judge, Criminal District Court # 4 Mike Thomas  
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1 Ralph Swearingin www.judgeswearingin.com
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2 Linda Bierman Davis  
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3 Russell B. Casey www.russcasey.com
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4 Jacquelyn Wright  
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 6 Gary Ritchie  
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 7 James R. Wilson  
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 7 Tom Corbin  
Republican County Chair-Tarrant County Stephanie Klick  
State Representative, District 90 Larry Keilberg  
State Representative, District 91 Kelly Hancock www.kellyhancock.com
State Representative, District 91 Charles Scoma www.scomacampaign.com
State Representative, District 92 Jeff Cason www.jeffcason.com
State Representative, District 92 Todd Smith www.toddsmithrep.com
State Representative, District 93 Bill Burch  
State Representative, District 93 Barbara Nash www.barbaranashfortexas.com
State Representative, District 94 Diane Patrick www.dianepatrick.org
State Representative, District 96 Joy Keller  
State Representative, District 96 Bill Zedler www.billzedler.org
State Representative, District 97 Mark M. Shelton www.votemarkshelton.com
State Representative, District 98 Giovanni Capriglione www.giovanni2010.com
State Representative, District 98 Diane Thorpe  
State Representative, District 98 Vicki Truitt www.vickitruitt.com
State Representative, District 99 Charlie Geren www.charliegeren.com
State Representative, District 99 Matt Krause www.texanformattkrause.com
Tarrant County Clerk Georgia Cartwright  
Tarrant County Clerk Mary Louise Garcia www.mlgarcia.net
Tarrant County Clerk Jim Truitt  
Tarrant County Commission, Precinct 2 Joe McHaney www.joemchaney.com
Tarrant County Commissioner, Precinct 2 Andy Nguyen  
Tarrant County Commissioner, Precinct 2 Marti VanRavenswaay  
Tarrant County Commissioner, Precinct 4 J. D. Johnson  
Tarrant County Judge Richard G. Clough www.richardclough.com
Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley  

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  1. Santiago Salinas is not listed here for Judge, Criminal District Court # 3. His website is http://www.salinasforjudge.com .