Casino Rules: Etiquette Rules You Might Be Breaking Without Knowing

Places usually have their own rules. When you are talking about casinos, they definitely have rules and not just ones that govern safety. Casinos also carry rules of etiquette and that is what TCGOP will be discussing today.

Etiquette refers to the manners that you are expected to carry in a social setting. Establishments often had strict rules of etiquette that needed to be followed otherwise you would not even be permitted entry. While rules have somewhat relaxed since then, there are still pre-existing rules of etiquette that you may not realize you are breaking.

Here are some of them:

Unruly Behavior

Losing money can be quite stressful. However, it is important that these be handled gracefully. As much as it could be quite challenging to reel in your temper or disappointment, think of the other people in the room with you.

If you feel like you are about to lose your temper, excuse yourself and exit the premises. Come back when you are in better sorts.

Dress Code

Most run of the mill casinos often have a relaxed dress code. However, the upper scale casinos have a stricter dress code which can include formal wear. A general rule of thumb before going to a casino is checking for the dress code.

Most casinos will have kind staff that will be able to address your questions prior to your visit. After all, if they cannot give you a good answer, it would be best to go someplace else. if they cannot answer something so simple as the dress code, you should start wondering how they handle bigger things.

Mobile Phone Usage

A lot of casinos are now quite strict when it comes to having and using mobile phones while on the game floor. Not only is there a risk for cheating but there now poses as security risks. Before you whip out your mobile phone, it would be good to ask the concierge or the dealer what the rules regarding mobile phone or gadget use is.


Casino workers usually work for tips. This is why tipping is actually part of expected etiquette in casinos. While you should never ever feel pressured to leave a tip for your dealer, just keep in mind that casino workers are mostly reliant on tips in order to get by.

Also, do make sure that the tip that you give is proportionate to your winnings or losses. If you experienced a loss, see if you can afford to even give a $1.

It is quite rare for a casino to not allow tipping for their staff. However, there are such establishments that do exist. Before you hand a tip to your dealer, waitress, or bartender, it would be important to see if it is allowed.

As You Can See…

Rules of etiquette apply no matter where you are. While in every day instances breaking rules of etiquette can mean a glare from a stranger, breaking etiquette rules in a casino can cost you something else. While etiquette does not equate to the law, you may end up not being served at all.

What etiquette rules have you broken without realizing?


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