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Navigate the Online Seas in Safety 600x400 - Navigate the Online Seas in Safety: Online Casino Scams to Avoid

Navigate the Online Seas in Safety: Online Casino Scams to Avoid

With the rise of online convenience, you do not even need to physically leave your house to go to a casino. There are a lot of online offerings out there. Today, TCGOP will be looking into online casino scams you should avoid.

Everyone loves the convenience of computers and the internet. Things that we needed to physically do before like depositing checks, paying bills, or even gambling can now be achieved at the press of a mouse of a tap of a finger.

Gambling online has enjoyed enough success through the years that there is now a thriving community of hackers and criminals that try their best to scam people online. Here are some of the scams that we have spotted through the years:

Extra tips and bonuses

Extra tips and bonuses - Navigate the Online Seas in Safety: Online Casino Scams to Avoid
If an online site promises you instant bonuses or bigger earnings in exchange for a fee, there is a pretty big chance that you are on a scam website. Licensed gambling websites often do not have fees or will only have a membership fee. Beyond that, it will never try to sell you an edge over the competition.

Not only is it unethical but it is also completely illegal.

Delayed Payouts

Delayed Payouts - Navigate the Online Seas in Safety: Online Casino Scams to Avoid
Payouts in legitimate websites usually occur instantly. In the cases where online gambling has stricter measurers, the payout will be delayed for a few days. It will, however, never take weeks to complete or transfer.

The scam is making you win big, delay the payout, and have you call customer service. From there they will take you through some ‘legal loopholes’ that will require a bit of a processing fee. While the processing fee may seem miniscule compared to the amount that you are expecting to receive, it is still something that is coming out of your pocket.

Account Blocking

Account Blocking - Navigate the Online Seas in Safety: Online Casino Scams to Avoid
The scam works by letting you play for a few days or weeks and even giving you a bit of winnings. Once you have hit a target amount or so, you will receive a notification that your account has been blocked pending an investigation.

As the investigation requires funds, it will try to get you pay a bit of a processing fee.

As You Can See…

As You Can See - Navigate the Online Seas in Safety: Online Casino Scams to Avoid

There are quite a few scams out there. The ones we have mentioned above does not even cover the tip of the iceberg. With your personal information being the main target, it is doubly crucial that you be careful of the sites that you go to—especially if it has anything to do with gambling.

Processing fees are often the favorite weapon of scam casinos. With this in mind, now you can cruise your online gambling life with an idea of what to look out for.

Myth Busting Time 600x400 - Myth Busting Time! Top 4 Myths about Casinos Debunked

Myth Busting Time! Top 4 Myths about Casinos Debunked

Humans do like their myths don’t they? Pretty much everything has a myth attached today. Today, TCGOP will be looking into the top four myths about casinos that we have heard through the years.

Myths are usually what we call commonly held but otherwise wholly incorrect beliefs about people, places, and even things. In today’s article, we will be looking at some of the stronger myths about casinos that have made rounds in various countries the world over.

Myth: Casinos filter in special air to get patrons to stay longer

There are different variations of this myth like how casinos also do not allow clocks in order to prolong a patron’s stay. Filtering in ‘special air’ is wholly against federal rules and would violate several health codes put in place to secure a patron’s safety.

No, there is no such thing as ‘special air’ or any special trick in order to get patrons to stay more. The prolonged stay of clients is entirely up to them and if there is anything that affects that, it is the availability of massive options.

Myth: Machines have a timer to allow wins

These often referred to the slot machines. Another variant of this myth is that slot machines closer to the entrance are often shown win more as to attract more guests into the casino. If there was such a thing, more casinos would be out of business.

It is completely illegal to tamper with machines that produce unfair results for the players.

Myth: There is a magical switch that allows the house to pick winners

Again, this is completely false. This is actually a myth that is often perpetuated by movies for dramatization purposes. If there was any form of switch that once existed, it would have to be in the mob owned gambling houses that were around a lot during the earlier eras.

You have to remember that gambling was not as regulated as it is now. If there was anything that remotely resembled a switch, federal authorities would be all over that faster than ants find sugar.

Myth: Practiced roulette dealers can choose where the ball lands

Once again, this is a popular notion that has been spread around by movies and TV. There are so many factors that need to be controlled in order to make a ball land exactly where you want it to go. Also, casino employees are all required to sign ethic contracts.

If there was anyone who knew of such activities and did not report it, they would be held criminally liable along with the guilty casino.

As You Can See…

Myths do hold a sort of entertainment value, we suppose. However, if they are allowed to fester and sustain their power through the years it does not serve as any sort of boon to anyone. In fact, it can be quite detrimental for both the casinos and the potential players if such negative ideals are kept.

Which of the myths above have you heard and perpetuated? With this article, we hope that you are able to sweep away the hold of any misinformation that has held some sort of sway through the decades.



Who Does What 600x400 - Who Does What: the People You See in the Casino Floor

Who Does What: the People You See in the Casino Floor

One of the fascinating things about a casino is the fact that it takes a lot of people to make sure that it works. Today, TCGOP will be discussing the different people that you see on the casino floor. We will also be touching upon the people—the workers—that you may come across but do not really see.

Each one of them plays a vital part in making sure that the floor operates suitably. Last month, we discussed the position of the gaming and casino supervisor. In this article, we will be looking into the other people and positions that you can normally come to expect at a casino.

Here they are:


Dealers - Who Does What: the People You See in the Casino Floor
These are the faces of the table games. Often suitably dressed and wholly professional, they are usually in charge of card games like blackjack and poker. You can also expect them to be the ones that operate the roulette and other dice or ball games.

Security Team

Security Team - Who Does What: the People You See in the Casino Floor
There are often security team members that are dressed clearly and then there are those that are in plains clothes—blending in with everyone else. They are at the very frontlines of the war against those that try to cheat or try to do anything illegal within the premises.

The security team is also the ones in charge of handling any unruly guests that may pose a danger to themselves or others. The world we have right now is pretty scary. More and more people are seemingly off their rockers and are actively causing harm. It is the security team of a casino that you can rely on as the first responders and the first line of defense in times of trouble.



Hosts - Who Does What: the People You See in the Casino Floor
These are the smiling faces that you will see when you first step into the premises. They are the ones that are usually assigned to special parties or VIP guests. While they are not butlers or anything so odd, they are the ones that often provide perks or additional services.

Hosts are often found at the concierge desk of the casino or hotel. In specific areas on the floor like at the slot machines, there are usually hosts assigned as well. Each host usually has a specialty in order to suitably help guests with their needs.



Tellers - Who Does What: the People You See in the Casino Floor
These are the friendly faces that you see when you buy or exchange your chips. They are often the faces that you see when you make bets or partake in sports betting. For those that work in the casino industry, tellers are often called the gatekeepers to all the wealth.

Tellers often come with accounting experience as they need to be able to keep a sharp eye on the funds and do a suitable accounting of the expected amount that should be in—as presented by the system.

As You Can See…

As You Can See - Who Does What: the People You See in the Casino Floor

It takes a small army to ensure that everything works well. It also takes a small army to ensure that you, the precious guest, is able to have a smooth and positive experience.

Livelihoods Made 600x400 - Livelihoods Made: Skills You Need to Be a Casino Worker

Livelihoods Made: Skills You Need to Be a Casino Worker

Casinos are not just places where guests and patrons can come by and try their luck and be entertained. The lifeblood of casinos is the people that work there. Today, TCGOP will be discussing skills needed for casino workers.

Specifically, we’ll be looking at gaming and casino supervisors.

What is a gaming and casino supervisor?

These are the talented people who are directly watches over the casino game area. They are the ones that make sure that rules, laws, and etiquette is suitably applied and followed. You can rely on these people to be able to address any issues that you may have.

They are otherwise referred to as pit bosses by the other casino workers in the area. If you were ever to aim to work in a casino, this is a spot that you will eventually want to fill.

The requirement for this sort of position can depend on the casino. However, in terms of general qualifications, there are certain skills that are needed.



Effective communication

The pit boss needs to be able to communicate their thoughts in a manner that would generate results that they need. Miscommunication can end up developing a toxic working environment. If the pit bosses do not have suitable effective communication, this can also lead to misunderstandings with the many different members of the gaming floor.

Effective customer relation skills

A casino is all about making sure that the guests have relatively positive experiences—at least, when it came to using machines or dealing with the staff. We say ‘relatively’ as a gaming floor will see a number of losses. That is expected, after all.

Customer relation skills like being able to de-escalate or diffuse a highly stressed client would be important. It is crucial that any potentially disruptive guests are brought down from their peak stressed moment. If you ever see any member of the casino staff trying to talk down an upset client, that would be the pit boss.

Suitable leadership skills

In order to make sure that a gaming floor operates in the way that it should, a leader must be at the helm. To be specific, an effective leader is needed. Any person who is aspiring to be a gaming and casino supervisor will need to be able to keep everyone in line.

They need to be able to strike a suitable balance between being the boss and being someone that the employees can rely upon as well. It takes a wholly symbiotic relationship for a casino to work to the best of its capability.


As You Can See…

A casino can mean more than just a place for massive entertainment. The ones listed above are only some of the skills that may be required of a gaming and casino supervisor. Certain skills may be needed specifically. What is important is to check with the casino as to what their specific skills requirements are.

A gaming supervisor can expect a rather decent salary. Do you think you would have what it takes to be a gaming supervisor?

Casino Rules 600x400 - Casino Rules: Etiquette Rules You Might Be Breaking Without Knowing

Casino Rules: Etiquette Rules You Might Be Breaking Without Knowing

Places usually have their own rules. When you are talking about casinos, they definitely have rules and not just ones that govern safety. Casinos also carry rules of etiquette and that is what TCGOP will be discussing today.

Etiquette refers to the manners that you are expected to carry in a social setting. Establishments often had strict rules of etiquette that needed to be followed otherwise you would not even be permitted entry. While rules have somewhat relaxed since then, there are still pre-existing rules of etiquette that you may not realize you are breaking.

Here are some of them:

Unruly Behavior

Losing money can be quite stressful. However, it is important that these be handled gracefully. As much as it could be quite challenging to reel in your temper or disappointment, think of the other people in the room with you.

If you feel like you are about to lose your temper, excuse yourself and exit the premises. Come back when you are in better sorts.

Dress Code

Most run of the mill casinos often have a relaxed dress code. However, the upper scale casinos have a stricter dress code which can include formal wear. A general rule of thumb before going to a casino is checking for the dress code.

Most casinos will have kind staff that will be able to address your questions prior to your visit. After all, if they cannot give you a good answer, it would be best to go someplace else. if they cannot answer something so simple as the dress code, you should start wondering how they handle bigger things.

Mobile Phone Usage

A lot of casinos are now quite strict when it comes to having and using mobile phones while on the game floor. Not only is there a risk for cheating but there now poses as security risks. Before you whip out your mobile phone, it would be good to ask the concierge or the dealer what the rules regarding mobile phone or gadget use is.


Casino workers usually work for tips. This is why tipping is actually part of expected etiquette in casinos. While you should never ever feel pressured to leave a tip for your dealer, just keep in mind that casino workers are mostly reliant on tips in order to get by.

Also, do make sure that the tip that you give is proportionate to your winnings or losses. If you experienced a loss, see if you can afford to even give a $1.

It is quite rare for a casino to not allow tipping for their staff. However, there are such establishments that do exist. Before you hand a tip to your dealer, waitress, or bartender, it would be important to see if it is allowed.

As You Can See…

Rules of etiquette apply no matter where you are. While in every day instances breaking rules of etiquette can mean a glare from a stranger, breaking etiquette rules in a casino can cost you something else. While etiquette does not equate to the law, you may end up not being served at all.

What etiquette rules have you broken without realizing?


Online Safety First 600x400 - Online Safety First: Signs of a Legitimate Casino Website

Online Safety First: Signs of a Legitimate Casino Website

Last month, we discussed some of the online scams you should avoid. Not all gambling websites are created equal. Today, TCGOP will take you through the signs of legitimate casino websites. Here are a few signs of good gambling sites that you can use:

Suitable Licensing

In countries where online gambling may not be completely legal, they will be strictly regularized. As such they will be required to have proper licenses to operate. These licenses can be checked in proper governing body websites. There will always be a list of legitimate gambling sites.

It will be up to you to find it properly.

Good Reviews

While reviews can be manufactured, it is important to remember that if a website is faked or is a scam site, there will be a LOT of bad reviews about it. A legitimate site will have a lot of third party good reviews to it that you can find online.

Never take testimonials on the site itself as completely sincere ones. While there is a chance that they might be, it would be wiser to assume that testimonials that websites publish about themselves is self-serving and cannot be trusted.

Clear and Regulated Deposit and Payout Options

A legitimate website will never be wishy-washy about your money. They will have clear avenues for you to make your deposits and your payouts. It is a general rule of thumb to avoid sites that pay through Western Union as these cannot be wholly traced and are the favorite of scammers everywhere.

A good gambling site will have a user friendly payment system. Also, it would be good for you to test it out with a small amount first. Be wary of any website that asks you for a minimum deposit before you can play.

Easy to Reach and Professional Customer Service

Legitimate websites will take care of their clients well. This is achieved through highly professional and wholly efficient customer service operatives. If you find yourself having trouble reaching customer service, it would be important to double check if the site you are on is legitimate.

As You Can See…

There are very simple signs that you can spot to assure yourself that you are working with a legitimate gambling website. Criminals are getting smarter everyday so it is crucial that the consumers and players also up their defenses. It is critical to arm yourself with the necessary knowledge to ascertain if the sites you are own has your best interest at heart.


Winner Takes All 600x400 - Winner Takes All: Some of the Biggest Casino Wins in History

Winner Takes All: Some of the Biggest Casino Wins in History

The concept of a casino has only garnered strength through the years. This is because of the fact that big money CAN and HAS been made in such places. Today, TCGOP looks at some of the biggest casino wins in history.

The wins listed below are not ranked in any way.

Sean Connery(1963)

Sean Connery - Winner Takes All: Some of the Biggest Casino Wins in History

Yes, this is that Sean Connery. This true to life win he experienced was the basis for his scene in “Diamonds are Forever” in 1963, he was betting on number 17 in a game of roulette. While he faced a loss twice, he did not move his choice and stuck with 17. In a seemingly unbelievable turn of events, he started winning.

What was even more incredible was that he kept winning despite never moving his bet. He ended up with 10, 000 pounds which was a staggering amount back in 1963.


Cynthia Jay(2000)

Cynthia Jay - Winner Takes All: Some of the Biggest Casino Wins in History
This story comes with a rather bittersweet ending. In the early part of the year 2000, a cocktail waitress at a casino in Las Vegas made a gander at the high roller slot machine. What she ended up with was a nearly 35 million dollar win.

What seemed to be a life that was full of promise was snatched because of a drunk driver. This accident left Cynthia completely paralyzed from her chest downwards.


Charles Deville Wells (1891)

Charles Deville Wells - Winner Takes All: Some of the Biggest Casino Wins in History
This story surrounds an acclaimed cheater by the name of Charles Deville Wells. What is truly interesting about this tale is that Wells managed to win WITHOUT cheating. He took a chance on a game of roulette and walked away with over 1M francs.

In 1891, this was a LOT of money. This tale is also one of caution. Wells eventually lost all the money that he had won and was arrested in England for one of his get rich quick scams.


Archie Karas (1992)

Archie Karas - Winner Takes All: Some of the Biggest Casino Wins in History
If there was anything we learned from this particular tale is that sometimes bad luck actually ends up being your friend. You see, Karas was just coming off of a massive gambling loss to the tune of $2 million in a casino in Los Angeles.

He went to Las Vegas with barely anything in his pocket. He joined an odd variant of the game of poker wherein the hand with the lowest value actually ends up with the win. In poker, the lowest value hand is the LAST thing you would want to have.

As it turns out, Karas’ bad luck was the stuff of legends. He kept getting the lowest hand and this continued for about three years after and he ended up with over $40 million in winnings.


As You Can See…

As You Can See - Winner Takes All: Some of the Biggest Casino Wins in History
The concept of quick wealth continues to attract millions and millions of people every day and every year. This is probably why casinos will continue to survive no matter how much time will continue to go by. We have had our share of big wins and even bigger losses—such as life goes.

What has your largest winning streak been when it comes to a casino?

Beyond the Gambling 600x400 - Beyond the Gambling: What Else Can You Do At a Casino?

Beyond the Gambling: What Else Can You Do At a Casino?

A casino is notably known to be the house where gambling lives and thrives. However, not a lot of people realize that there is more to a casino than just the high risk games. In our many years in the casino business, it strikes us as odd that a lot of the patrons end up surprised when they see that there are so many other offerings in a casino.


Here are some of them:

Fantastic Food

Fantastic Food - Beyond the Gambling: What Else Can You Do At a Casino?
Modern casinos understand that there are more ways to create good experiences for their clientele beyond the gambling choices. Casinos now usually have specialized cafes and restaurants that offer amazing fares.

Depending on where the place of the casino is, there will be local specialties that you can try out. Depending on whom the owner of the café is or who their chef is, you can experience different kinds of food and delicacies.

Often, there will be kiosks or stalls at the mouth of the Casino. These are the places where local fares are often put on display and shared with guests. Once your gastronomic cravings have been satisfied, you can turn your attention toward other offerings.


Special Events

Special Events - Beyond the Gambling: What Else Can You Do At a Casino?

Casinos often have theaters built into the building. This is a great opportunity to catch performances live. Depending on the size of the event hall or the stage, you can catch some pretty special shows. Celebrated performers often do special shows at casino halls.

More and more casino owners have come to realize that the space they have in their premises can be put to better use through events. Conventions are now usually a usual fixture in casino halls. Shrewd business owners found a way to generate more interest in the subject of the convention all the while generating profits through ticket sales or merchandise.


Sights to See

Sights to See - Beyond the Gambling: What Else Can You Do At a Casino?

While there are some casinos that are pretty new, there are those that have an age to them. The owners are often savvy enough to dedicate a particular part of their casino toward the history of the area or of the building.

You may consider these as tourist traps but you just might be pleasantly surprised at what you may discover about a particular area. Casinos in Vegas often have historic sights included in their buildings. Seeing the sights is a wonderful way to celebrate the culture of the locals.


As You Can See…

As You Can See - Beyond the Gambling: What Else Can You Do At a Casino?

There is so much more to a casino than just the games where you stake your money at. Take a gander at the casino that you are aiming to visit. Take a closer look at their website to see if they have any special offers or events that you can partake of during your trip.

A bit of extra planning goes a long way when it comes to getting the most out of your casino trip! Before you choose a casino for your trip, do a lot of research on what other offerings the place has beyond the gambling. Make it a well-rounded trip that will be something that you will want to go back to!

Keeping Your Finances Safe 600x400 - Keeping Your Finances Safe: How to Not Lose a Lot of Money in Casinos

Keeping Your Finances Safe: How to Not Lose a Lot of Money in Casinos

A big reason why casinos have a bad reputation is because of the number of individuals who have lost big amounts of money gambling. They blame the casino and not the player. Today, we look at how you can keep your finances safe.

When you go to a casino in order to play their games, you must view the experience with a rather realistic view. When going into a place where you are going to have a bit of risk regarding your finances, it pays to be well-versed with tips on how to safeguard your money.

Here are a few ways on how to not lose a lot of money in casinos:

Establish a bankroll

The term bankroll is actually a word that most gamblers are very familiar with. It is the specific amount of money that is set aside for the sole purpose of gambling. It is important to not go beyond the amount that is in the bankroll.

Even if you end up winning, it is important that the bankroll remains intact. If you find yourself spending beyond the bankroll, do the smart thing and stop right now.

Pick your Games Carefully

When you pick casino games, it would be important to stick with what you know. When you are relatively new to playing at a casino, it is important to know what games you should play and what you should avoid.

It would be better for you and your money if you try out games that you are familiar with. Avoid the games that may require a bit more skill until you are ready.

Set a Loss Limit per Game

Much like a bankroll but this one takes into consideration any winnings that you may have. Also, the loss limit is meant for each game that you play. A realistic amount would be around $30 to around $50 per game.

When you hit that loss limit at the current game that you are playing, it would be wise to stop playing that game and move on. The last thing that your bankroll needs is to fall under the false security of ‘maybe next round will recoup your losses’.

Set a Tip Limit

If there was anything that we saw through the years of casino experience is that people often over-tip the staff because they do not know what the suitable amount should be. The staff will truly appreciate any form of tips that you give them but it is important that you keep your tips in line with your winnings or losses.

If you have won a large amount, it would be okay to tip near to $50. Otherwise, the 1-5-20 rule is enough.

As You Can See…

Even if you go out and gamble, as long as you maintain a level head, your finances should stay above the green. Go over the tips that we have listed above carefully. Which ones have you not applied in your casino trips? Which pointers are applicable in your own casino trips?



Make Your Newbie Money Work 600x400 - Make Your Newbie Money Work: What Casino Games to Play and Avoid

Make Your Newbie Money Work: What Casino Games to Play and Avoid

When you go to a casino, it is inevitable that you will want to try your hand out at some games. After all, what is the point of going to a casino if you do not try your luck? Today, we look at what casino games to play and avoid.

Casino games are a fixture within the premises of gambling halls and gambling establishments. Here are our picks for games to try out or to avoid, when you are a relative newbie to casinos.


Slot Machines

Slot Machines - Make Your Newbie Money Work: What Casino Games to Play and Avoid
These are the most basic fixtures in casinos. These are quite simple to do. All you have to do is insert the necessary amount of tokens and pull the lever. Depending on the roll you end up with, you either walk away with more tokens or you just spent a few cents worth of tokens.

This particular casino game is best for newbies as there is not much skill needed. What you need to keep an eye on are the differences in denomination. The more you have to pay, the better the prizes!


Blackjack - Make Your Newbie Money Work: What Casino Games to Play and Avoid
Blackjack is a simple enough card game that does not require a lot of technical skill. What we particularly like about blackjack is the fact that the odds are normally around 50-50. This is true even for newbie players.

The rules are fairly simple and you can ask the dealer if you are not sure. They are there to help you just as long as you do not impede any presently running games that other players are playing.



Poker - Make Your Newbie Money Work: What Casino Games to Play and Avoid

If you are relative newbie when it comes to poker, you should avoid this at casinos. Luck is only a small part of poker. There is significant skill that is required in order to actually make money off of the game. If you are after the sheer experience of it, you can still give it a try. Just do not let the glamour of an unexpected win blind you from making smart decisions.

The Main Casino Wheel

The Main Casino Wheel - Make Your Newbie Money Work: What Casino Games to Play and Avoid
Every casino will have their version of the main wheel. This is usually found at the very mouth of the casino hall. It boasts of big wins but you can come to expect joining fees at around $100 or more. The more you pay, the higher your chances.

Think of it as the lottery in the Hunger Games. The more you put your “name” in the bowl, the bigger chance you have of winning. However, much like Gale in the movie and the book, he had his name in the bowl more than 40 times but he still was not picked.

As You Can See…

As You Can See - Make Your Newbie Money Work: What Casino Games to Play and Avoid
There are a plethora of options for any guest to enjoy when they go to a casino. What is important is that you understand your capability. Do not engage in any games in which you are not familiar with. While trying new things is a great way to enhance your experience, you must also approach casino games with a realistic point of view.

Given the suggestions and pointers above, which specific games will you try out?

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