0 Comments 23. February 2015

TCGOP Office Closed Tuesday February 24th Due To Continued Inclement Weather

Due to continued low temperatures and road conditions the TCGOP Office will be closed Tuesday February 24th.  We will re-open Wednesday February 25th at 9 a.m.

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0 Comments 22. February 2015

TCGOP Office Will Be Closed Monday February 23

Due to expected inclement weather the TCGOP office will be closed Monday February 23rd, 2015.  We will re-open Tuesday February 24th at 12:00 p.m.

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0 Comments 17. February 2015

Thank You To Our 2015 Lincoln Council Members For Their Support!

James Ashby

Mona Bailey

Dabney Bassel

Senator Brian Birdwell

Kathryn M. Bryan

Cong. Michael C. Burgess M.D.

Rep. Giovanni Capriglione

Rosey Cippolla

Debra Coffey

Judge Don Cosby

Joseph “Tex” Dozier

Darl Easton

Judge David Evans

Judge Pat Ferchill

Pat & Terri Gallagher

Rep. Charlie Geren

Atticus Gill

Cong. Kay Granger

Kevin Hadawi

County Chair Jennifer Hall

Sen. Kelly Hancock

Dr. Mark Hanson

Judge Matt Hayes

Trina Jackson

Kyle Jackson

Co. Comm. J.D. Johnson

Elouise Kennedy

Alexander Kim

Rep. Stephanie Klick

Steve Laird

Justice Debra Lehrman

Lisa Lumley

SREC SD 12 Jean McIver

Justice Bill Meier

Dr. Monte Mitchell

Brandon Moore

Adrian Murray

Hon. Barbara Nash

Judge Debra Nekhom

Sen. Jane Nelson

Co. Comm. Andy Nguyen

Warren Norred

Delores Pell

Vandolyn Roszell

Arthur Rogers III

Judge Jennifer Rymell

Judy Strzinek

Justice Bonnie Sudderth

Michael Q. Sullivan

Judge Ralph Swearingin

Anastasia Talsma

Co. Judge Glen Whitley

Dist. Clerk Tom Wilder

Judge Melody Wilkinson

Cong. Roger Williams

Dist Attorney Sharen Wilson

David Wylie

Sr. Dist. Judge Everett Young

Rep. Bill Zedler

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